Yuji's Soul Capture Ability

Yuji's Soul Capture ability made its debut in "Jujutsu Kaisen" chapter 249. However, fans were already familiar with his capability to manipulate souls, particularly evident during his confrontation with Mahito. It became evident that Yuji possessed the power to directly interact with souls, enabling him to inflict significant harm from within and ultimately defeat Mahito. This ability bore resemblance to Nobara's Resonance technique, which also targeted the soul. While the origin of Yuji's extraordinary ability remains somewhat ambiguous, its acknowledgment by the King of Curses adds further significance to its relevance in the series.

In the ongoing battle, fans are aware that Yuta currently takes center stage. In the preceding chapter, Yuta deployed his domain against Sukuna, named "Authentic Mutual Love," which even Sukuna finds challenging to contend with. Within this domain, Yuta has the capability to indefinitely employ copied abilities, thereby creating numerous opportunities for Yuji to exploit. The strategy devised by the duo entails Yuta using his abilities to engage Sukuna while facilitating openings for Yuji to deliver a decisive strike.

The impending strike from Yuji possesses the capability to tear souls asunder. Essentially, Yuji aims to capture Sukuna's soul and sever it from Megumi's body. Fans are aware that Sukuna has inhabited Megumi's body, utilizing it as a vessel for his reincarnation.

Yuji's forthcoming action will entail the separation of body from soul, enabling him not only to eliminate Sukuna but also to rescue Megumi from peril. This ability, akin to soul capture, has earned high praise from Sukuna in the preceding chapter.

Executing such a plan is undoubtedly a daunting task. Fans are well aware of Sukuna's formidable nature in combat. Despite his current state of weakened power, discounting the King of Curses would be unwise. This sentiment holds even more truth as Yuta noted Sukuna's gradual recovery of his RCT (Reverse Cursed Technique), alongside the impending restoration of his domain expansion ability. Once Sukuna regains full strength, landing a blow on him will prove exceptionally challenging for Yuji.


Yuji's Ability Vs Sukuna

Yuji vs Sukuna (in Megumi's Body) in Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 214 - Seinen  Manga

While Yuji awaits the opportune moment to employ his soul capture ability against Sukuna, fans have already witnessed a similar occurrence. During Yuji's initial clash with Sukuna, he delivered a forceful blow that rattled Sukuna to his core. At that moment, Sukuna was unaware of the true nature of the attack. Observers witnessed Yuji's powerful strike and Sukuna's subsequent attempt to block it with all his hands. Despite Sukuna's defensive maneuver, his entire being was visibly affected, manifesting as intense vibrations. While many attributed this reaction to Yuji's sheer physical strength, the underlying reason for Sukuna's disturbance was Yuji's ability to strike his soul rather than his physical form.

In essence, Yuji possesses the ability to target the soul with each of his strikes, indicating that he may have a formidable technique reserved for separating Sukuna's soul from Megumi's body. This technique is likely being reserved for the opportune moment, waiting for Yuta to create the ideal opening. In the interim, Yuji's contributions to the battle are not insignificant. Even his seemingly minor strikes, when intercepted by Sukuna, carry lethal consequences as they inflict damage directly to the soul. Consequently, Sukuna finds himself confronted with mounting challenges, as even defensive maneuvers do not shield him from the soul-inflicted harm wrought by Yuji's attacks.

The promising aspect of the current situation is the presence of a coherent strategy to confront Sukuna. Yuji's task involves gradually wearing down Sukuna's defenses until the opportune moment arises to deliver a decisive blow. Whether this strategy proves successful remains uncertain, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the outcome as events unfold.

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