Tom Ellis, best known as Lucifer, is set to play a role opposite to his iconic character in an upcoming movie. In Lucifer, he portrayed a compassionate former Hell-bound servant entangled in murder investigations. This new movie role provides a refreshing departure from his devilish character.

Lucifer and Chloe's captivating "will they, won't they" dynamic is a standout in the show. Lucifer's transition from a player to someone seeking a settled life was a defining element. His new project promises a fresh and exciting perspective.

Lucifer and Chloe Are Officially Together | Lucifer Season 5 Ep 13 | 4K -  YouTube

In the show Lucifer, Tom Ellis portrays the titular character, a charismatic player initially drawn to Chloe Decker, who doesn't initially reciprocate his feelings. Despite using his charm, Lucifer spends two seasons chasing Chloe before their official relationship starts, adding angst and numerous efforts to the storyline.

Having mastered the player role in Lucifer, Tom Ellis now finds himself in the opposite position in the movie Players. Here, Ellis portrays a character being pursued by Gina Rodriguez from Jane the Virgin. Though details about Ellis' role remain unclear, early trailers suggest Rodriguez's character falling for him and actively pursuing a romantic connection.

After concluding Lucifer, Tom Ellis ventured into voice acting, contributing his voice to the animated series Exploding Kittens and making guest appearances in Robot Chicken and The Great North. With Players, he returns to traditional acting and is set to star alongside Emma Roberts in the dramedy series Second Wife.