Deadline reports that Tom Ellis has officially joined the cast of the second season of 'Tell Me Lies.' In this Hulu series, adapted from Carola Lovering's novel, Ellis will take on the role of Oliver, a Baird College professor with an imposing presence that unsettles some of his students. Oliver, who is married to Marianne (Gabriella Pession), a fellow teacher introduced in the first season, will become a series regular in the upcoming season. His character is expected to wield significant influence over the students within the storyline.

Tom Ellis gained prominence for his role as the main character in 'Lucifer,' a fantasy TV series centered around a fallen angel managing a nightclub in Los Angeles. Throughout the show's six-season run, the character evolves into a consultant for the local police, utilizing his unique abilities to solve cases. In addition to 'Lucifer,' Ellis has featured in projects like 'The Great North' and 'Isn't It Romantic.' His transition to the second season of 'Tell Me Lies' suggests a shift in dynamics for Lucy (played by Grace Van Patten), promising viewers more drama, romance, and betrayal, building upon the elements that contributed to the success of the first season.

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'Tell Me Lies' revolves around the intricate relationship between Lucy and Stephen DeMarco, portrayed by Grace Van Patten and Jackson White, respectively, spanning eight years. The central challenge in their unpredictable romance lies in its impact on those in their social circle, particularly a group of college friends entangled in the consequences of Lucy and Stephen's decisions. Despite the undeniable pull between the leads, escalating tensions arise as unforeseen twists and turns weave their way into their lives. The Hulu adaptation features a supporting cast that includes Catherine Missal, Spencer House, and Sonia Mena.