In a conversation with, Todd McFarlane, the creator of Spawn, shared an optimistic progress report on the much-awaited comic adaptation reboot. The movie, a joint venture between McFarlane and the renowned horror studio Blumhouse, is reportedly reaching the final phases of script development. McFarlane expressed confidence in Jason Blum, the founder of Blumhouse, stating, "Jason Blum is highly effective at getting things done. I've been informed that I'll be reading the script this month. I'm sending out a reminder email this week to ensure they uphold their promise."


Spawn' Movie in Works From Todd McFarlane and Blumhouse

Spawn Has Been Over 10 Years in the Making

The Spawn movie reboot has lingered in a state of development uncertainty for over a decade, with Todd McFarlane's initial script dating back to 2013. Confirming Blumhouse's involvement four years later, the project has since navigated script revisions and weathered delays due to the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes. Despite the challenges, the prolific comic creator remains determined to execute the reboot thoughtfully, expressing, "Something's gotta happen. Something's gonna happen." McFarlane underscores his commitment to the project, stating, "I just know myself; something's gonna happen because if I can't navigate it within [the Hollywood system], I'll navigate it independently. I just know myself. But hopefully, we can negotiate a deal that keeps all the involved parties throughout the years engaged."

Since the announcement of Blumhouse's involvement in Spawn, the company's reputation has surged, propelled by a string of horror successes like M3GAN, The Black Phone, and Five Nights at Freddy's (FNAF). Particularly, the FNAF adaptation proved to be a major triumph for the studio, with founder Blum declaring it as their most successful movie to date, amassing a global box office revenue of $295.1 million. While a sequel remains unconfirmed, director Emma Tammi and FNAF star Matthew Lillard's comments strongly suggest an impending follow-up. Blumhouse is further extending its foray into video game adaptations with an upcoming Dead by Daylight film, helmed by director Ryan Turek.


The upcoming Spawn movie has no official release date yet, but McFarlane has stated that they are aiming for a 2025 premiere.