In Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, Tifa's house is located in Nibelheim, a fictional town in the game. It's the same location as in the original Final Fantasy VII game, where Tifa Lockhart, one of the main characters, resides. Nibelheim is an important setting in the game's storyline, closely linked to Tifa's past and her connection to other characters.

Great news! During this flashback, there are only a few buildings you can enter, making it easy to find Tifa's house. Look for the famous water tower in the center of town. You'll need to head to the inn for the Home Sweet Home scenario. Tifa's house is located directly across from the inn.

When you reach the front door, you have the option to enter. Tifa will inquire, "Did you go to my place?" Responding with "Yeah" will prompt Cloud to enter and explore. Alternatively, selecting "...No?" presents the other choice.