No one could have predicted that "The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash" would evolve into an exceptional adventure story, but it emerged as the standout of Crunchyroll's winter season. Despite its initially misleading title, which suggested a different direction, the series' first season was highly engaging.

The unexpected twist in the narrative is particularly striking, considering that Ivy, the supposedly weakest tamer, embarks on her journey due to her village's attempt to eliminate her for her perceived weakness. The slow-paced and seemingly uneventful nature of the journey adds depth to the story, culminating in a powerful climax that underscores the series' underlying theme.

Weakest Tamer screencap of the main character smiling happily with a slime on her shoulder

The central theme revolves around the significance of choosing trustworthy individuals with whom to confide. Initially, Ivy refrained from sharing her secrets with anyone, maintaining a solitary existence in each village she visited. Her growing paranoia about those around her led her to flee repeatedly, preventing her from becoming deeply involved in the affairs of the villages.

However, upon reaching Otolwa and deciding to confide in others, Ivy becomes embroiled in uncovering a vast conspiracy, highlighting the transformative power of trust and collaboration in tackling significant challenges.

Weakest Tamer screencap of the main character holding a small monster with glittery lights floating around them.

Taking a more laid-back approach to fantasy adventure can effectively address several shortcomings commonly found in the genre

The initial slow pace in the first few villages also serves to rectify a significant issue often overlooked in adventure anime, including "One Piece." While "One Piece" is praised for its detailed exploration of the Grand Line's islands, its formulaic approach is evident as each island conveniently hosts a major conflict or war that must be resolved.

On the other hand, "The Weakest Tamer Began a Journey to Pick Up Trash" wisely acknowledges that not every location needs to be plagued by adversity. It conveys the valuable lesson that subtlety and the ordinary can often be more captivating and convey a more significant message. This approach sets it apart as Crunchyroll's top adventure series of the season.