HBO's acclaimed series, The Last of Us, is gearing up for its highly anticipated second season with the addition of Kaitlyn Dever, renowned for her role in "No One Will Save You" The actress will be a key player in the upcoming installment, taking on the significant character of Abby. Joining the ranks of series regulars Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, Dever's presence promises to bring a new dimension to the post-apocalyptic narrative. The second season continues to unfold the gripping storyline adapted from the popular video game developed by Naughty Dog for PlayStation.

In her role as Abby in the acclaimed HBO series, Kaitlyn Dever brings to life a skilled soldier with a worldview that is initially black-and-white. However, Abby's journey unfolds as her convictions are tested, leading her on a path of vengeance for the people she held dear. This nuanced portrayal by Dever promises to add depth and complexity to the character, contributing to the rich narrative of the hit series.


Our casting process for season two has been identical to season one: we look for world-class actors who embody the souls of the characters in the source material,“ said Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann, The Last of Us‘ co-creators, writers, executive producers and directors. “Nothing matters more than talent, and we’re thrilled to have an acclaimed performer like Kaitlyn join Pedro, Bella and the rest of our family.“


HBO's The Last Of Us Isn't Ready For Abby Anderson

Details about The Last of Us Season 2 storyline indicate that certain segments will delve into the events that transpired between Part I and Part II of the series. Unlike the game where Joel's death occurs early on, the show may prolong his character's existence to further explore the evolving dynamics among the characters.

Additionally, the creators have teased the introduction of new stages of the deadly Cordyceps variant, suggesting a deeper exploration of the show's lore and the unfolding consequences of the infection.

Season 2 of The Last of Us doesn't have a confirmed release date but is expected around 2025. It's likely not the final season, with creators hinting that the story will continue beyond Season 2.