Digimon Con 2023, held on December 23rd last year, featured the Digimon Card Game's producer, Kouhei Murata, joining the hosts. Prior to the event, there had been much speculation among fans about a potential new Digimon simulator, heightening excitement for the announcement. Within just 3 minutes into the stream, the much-anticipated Digimon Liberator was revealed, satisfying fans' eager anticipation.

The "Digimon Liberator" is a Webcomic or manga series, scheduled for release in spring 2024, promises to delve into the world of the Digimon Card Game. Through its narrative, it will unveil new characters, Digimon, and evolving strategies, enriching the card game's universe with new dimensions of excitement and adventure.

In the teaser trailer, viewers are introduced to the yet-to-be-named male and female protagonists, accompanied by their Partner Digimon. Meanwhile, glimpses of anticipated antagonist Digimon and tamers add an air of mystery and suspense, setting the stage for the unfolding saga of "Digimon Liberator."

The manga project intends to align with a new Digimon TCG set that shares its name, sparking excitement among fans. With this collaboration, the Digimon TCG team unveiled intriguing details about the upcoming release, hinting at Kazama Shoto's pivotal role in "Digimon Liberator."

Described as a boy prone to giving up easily and struggling in card battles, Kazama Shoto's journey unfolds when his childhood friend, Kinosaki Arisa, invites him into the world of Liberator. As he encounters untamed Digimon like Pteromon and confronts berserk NPCs in battles, the gears of destiny begin to turn. This tale promises to delve into the profound connections between Digimon and the expansive universe they inhabit.

Digimon Liberator has unveiled its initial key visual, igniting anticipation and excitement among fans who are eager to immerse themselves in the series' captivating world.


Presenting the TCG through a storytelling lens promises to serve as an excellent introduction for newcomers while also stirring up excitement for the product. This approach, embraced by several of the player-base's top content creators, has proven highly successful, adding richness and narrative depth to the gaming experience.