In Baltimore, a cargo ship suffered a power outage and collided with a significant bridge early Tuesday, leading to the swift destruction of the structure and its subsequent plunge into the river, creating a terrifying collapse. This incident may cause disruptions to a crucial shipping port for several months. Six individuals are missing and presumed dead, with search operations halted until Wednesday morning.

Moments before the crash that caused the Francis Scott Key Bridge to collapse, the ship's crew issued a mayday call. This allowed authorities to restrict vehicle traffic on the span, as confirmed by Maryland's governor.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore mentioned that as the ship was rapidly approaching the bridge at an alarming speed, authorities acted swiftly to halt incoming traffic just in time, preventing vehicles from crossing the bridge.

Maryland Gov. Wes Moore praised the actions of the authorities involved, referring to them as heroes who saved lives during the incident.

Later in the evening, Col. Roland L. Butler Jr., superintendent for Maryland State Police, revealed that the search and rescue operation was shifting to a search and recovery effort. He also announced a temporary pause in the search, with divers scheduled to resume operations at 6 a.m. on Wednesday, anticipating improved conditions as overnight challenges eased. Butler noted that no bodies had been recovered at that time.

The collision occurred during the nighttime hours, well before the bridge's busy morning commute. The bridge spans 1.6 miles (2.6 kilometers) and served as a route for 12 million vehicles in the previous year.

According to Paul Wiedefeld, the state's transportation secretary, the six individuals who are missing were members of a construction crew tasked with repairing potholes on the bridge.

The Guatemalan consulate in Maryland issued a statement confirming that two of the missing individuals were Guatemalan citizens employed on the bridge project. While their names were not disclosed, the consulate mentioned that their officials were in communication with local authorities and providing support to the affected families.