Silent Hill is making a comeback after years of absence, with numerous projects in the pipeline. Among them, Silent Hill F, a highly anticipated mainline sequel crafted by a Japanese studio with survival-horror experts. Dive into all the details we know about Silent Hill F, the frontrunner generating significant buzz.

Silent Hill F Release Date

Given that we know very little about the game so far, it's sensible that the public doesn't yet have a release date for the game. We can surmise it's probably at least another year away, given how the Silent Hill 2 remake is expected to land in 2024. It seems unlikely both would launch in the same year.


The revealed platforms for Silent Hill F are yet to be specified. However, it's reasonable to expect a release on PC, Xbox, and PS5. Last-gen platforms may be less likely as we approach the launch. Unlike the Silent Hill 2 remake, Silent Hill F doesn't have a timed PlayStation exclusivity. It's likely to launch simultaneously on major platforms, with the possibility of excluding the Switch due to its decreasing compatibility with current-gen games.

Silent Hill F Dev Team

Developed by Neobards Entertainment, known for its support role in the past, Silent Hill F represents a potential shift to a leading role. The team's history includes contributions to Capcom games like Resident Evil 2, 3, 7, and ReVerse, as well as Marvel's Avengers and No Straight Roads.

While the studio has primarily supported horror games, signs suggest it's poised to spearhead a major sequel. Renowned Japanese writer Ryukishi07, author of the acclaimed When They Cry visual novel series, will craft the game's narrative. Furthermore, Motoi Okamoto, a former Nintendo employee from 1998 to 2007, assumes a key role as the project's producer.


Why Is It Called Silent Hill F?

The unconventional name, Silent Hill F, doesn't seem to be a placeholder but could be a reference to sheet music. In musical notation, "f" represents forte, indicating a loud section. The game's logo stylizes the "f" in this manner. The trailer's escalating piano music suggests a musical theme, potentially involving a musician. It remains unclear if the mourning girl in the trailer attends a school for aspiring musicians. The musical elements in Silent Hill F indicate a storyline with ties to music, though a comprehensive understanding may require further exploration over time.

Source: Gamespot