The recent success of The Walking Dead franchise's spin-offs, which focus on beloved characters, has revived the series from a declining state to a captivating narrative once again. With Dead City starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan and Lauren Cohen as Negan and Maggie, and Daryl Dixon featuring Norman Reedus, the next highly anticipated installment is The Ones Who Live, marking the return of Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes.

Fans are excited for The Walking Dead spinoff, The One Who Live, and the reunion of a beloved couple. As the series nears its debut, anticipation grows. Co-creator Scott M. Gimple hopes to bring back iconic characters like Rick, Michonne, Daryl Dixon, Negan Smith, and Maggie Rhee for an epic crossover event.


So when it comes to something like [a crossover event between the new spinoffs], yeah, I do have dreams of merging this all together, and I have laid little breadcrumbs toward that, but you never know exactly when and how because of a variety of reasons… I will just say, I’m building those pathways, but there could be all sorts of pivots along the way."


Gimple cautioned that his plans could undergo various changes along the way, particularly due to the availability of cast and crew members who might be involved in different projects simultaneously.

Scott M. Gimple has confirmed that the idea is to bring all spinoffs of  'THE WALKING DEAD' into a major crossover series. #NYCC2023 👀 :  r/thewalkingdead

AMC undoubtedly hopes for a positive outcome, especially with the series reuniting Rick and Michonne and featuring other familiar faces like Pollyanna McIntosh's Jadis from the franchise's past. While it may not deliver the originally promised cinematic experience, Rick's longstanding centrality to the series suggests that the new spinoff may become the most significant of the three released so far.

Currently, both Dead City and Daryl Dixon have secured renewals for second seasons, whereas The Ones Who Live is planned as a limited series. However, this could change rapidly with strong ratings. Additionally, Gimple's expressed interest in future crossovers hints that this won't be Rick's final adventure in The Walking Dead universe.

"The Walking Dead: The Ones Who Live" is set to premiere on February 25th on AMC and AMC+.