Rick Riordan's initial Percy Jackson books, part of the Young Adult fantasy trend of the mid-2000s following the success of Harry Potter, have a unique tone and sensibility. Set in a world where Greek mythology mingles with everyday life, the series is playfully quirky compared to its counterparts.

The show stands out by keeping its preteen protagonist, Percy, authentically young. In contrast to the films that aged up the characters, the series captures the charm of Rick Riordan's original books. Scobell's portrayal brings a wide-eyed charisma to Percy, blending the weight of his destiny with plenty of cynical jokes. The trio of Percy, Annabeth, and Grover has a memorable dynamic, with Simhadri's warm and loyal Grover and Jeffries' Annabeth as a hardened warrior seeking her own glory.

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Percy Jackson and the Olympians shines in its careful attention to detail, evident in production design, episode titles, and casting. The series, driven by a clear affection for the novels and a desire to rectify the lackluster film adaptations, introduces a younger cast. While the young actors may lack the nuances of older performers, their reverence for the characters and tenacity smooth out any rough edges.

Despite its positive aspects, Percy Jackson and the Olympians falls short of a perfect adaptation. The series has yet to capture the specific humor from the novels, and the meticulous attention to detail results in the first two episodes feeling a bit burdened by exposition and world-building.

The series puts a strong emphasis on portraying the profound impact of parental love, underscoring the critical roles both parents play in a child's life. It highlights the significance of identity, particularly during adolescence. Percy's personal journey is laid out, illustrating the lengths one is willing to go for the sake of those they love.

Greek mythology serves as the foundation for the entire series, offering viewers a chance to learn about its practices and beliefs. If you choose to watch this with your family, it's recommended to have conversations with your kids about the distinctions between our own beliefs and those being established in this mythological world.