Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of Pals in Palworld is important for tackling tough fights in Pocketpair's game. Unlike Pokemon, Palworld doesn't have an in-game type chart. Still, picking the right Pal type before a battle is a smart move, as it can make the encounter easier.

If you've played Pokemon in the last two decades, the strengths and weaknesses of Pal types in Palworld will seem quite familiar. However, there is a crucial difference. While most Pokemon types typically have at least two strengths and two weaknesses, Pals have only one strength against another Pal type and one weakness against a different Pal type.

Palworld Type Chart: Strength and Weakness

Palworld Type Chart And All Pal Weaknesses - GameSpot

Water Pals

  • Strong against: Fire
  • Weak against: Electric

Fire Pals

  • Strong against: Ice, Grass
  • Weak against: Water

Grass Pals

  • Strong against: Ground
  • Weak against: Fire

Ground Pals

  • Strong against: Electric
  • Weak against: Grass

Electric Pals

  • Strong against: Water
  • Weak against: Ground

Ice Pals

  • Strong against: Dragon
  • Weak against: Fire

Dragon Pals

  • Strong against: Dark
  • Weak against: Ice

Dark Pals

  • Strong against: Neutral
  • Weak against: Dragon

Neutral Pals

  • Strong against: Nothing
  • Weak against: Dark

Neutral Pals, such as Lamball, may not be the best choice when seeking a type advantage or engaging in combat. They are more suitable for lighter tasks around your base. For exploration, it's advisable to assemble a well-rounded party to effectively handle any challenges you encounter.

Keep in mind that some Pals have dual types, similar to Pokemon, when choosing the best monstrous friend for a battle. The only exception to this rule is Fire, which is effective against Ice and Grass Pals but has a weakness to only one type.