Netflix's adaptation of One Piece, drawing from Eiichiro Oda's renowned pirate manga and anime, struck a chord with audiences, particularly in its portrayal of the live-action Straw Hat Pirates. The overwhelming positive reception prompted the show's renewal for a second season in September 2023, igniting further anticipation among fans eager for more adventures on the high seas.

Fans were buzzing with excitement when the actor taking on the role of Roronoa Zoro shared insider details about the production, hinting at when cameras will start rolling for Season 2.

7 Fakta Seru Pemeran Zoro di Live Action One Piece, Nomor Tujuh Bikin Patah  Hati

In a video shared on X, One Piece star Mackenyu Arata disclosed his upcoming plans to film Season 2 in the United States within the next few months. While he didn't specify an exact filming start date, this revelation still offers a hint regarding when Season 2 could potentially be released, particularly if the production schedule aligns with that of Season 1.

If Season 2 maintains a production timeline similar to Season 1, we could expect a release around summer 2025. Season 1 underwent an extensive 8-month production cycle, starting in January 2022 and culminating in its premiere on August 31, 2023, after post-production refinements. Barring any significant delays, fans can anticipate Season 2 arriving by the summer of 2025 or potentially in early fall 2025.

Netflix has confirmed that all five original members from Season 1 will be reprising their roles for the second season. Additionally, there is speculation that Season 2's cast will expand, with the potential inclusion of renowned One Piece fan Jamie Lee Curtis, possibly portraying the character Dr. Kureha.

Jamie Lee Curtis wants to be in Netflix's One Piece live-action series, as  a specific character - Meristation

As production for Season 2 kicks off, viewers can eagerly await additional confirmations, casting updates, and potential insights into the plot. With filming underway, the coming months may bring forth not only these details but also the much-anticipated announcement of a release date, further fueling anticipation among fans for the next chapter of the series.


Season 1 of One Piece is currently available for streaming on Netflix.