Based on David Nicholls' novel, 'One Day' is a romantic drama series created by Nicole Taylor in 2024. Following high school, Dex and Emma's lives diverge, yet they reunite annually as their paths intersect. Love, heartbreak, and the journey of growing apart together form the core of this decade-spanning love story.

"One Day" tracks the 20-year friendship between Emma and Dexter, who bond at their university graduation party. The series revisits them annually on July 15th, the day after their initial meeting.

Emma, portrayed by Ambika Mod, is depicted as bookish and intelligent, with modest aspirations to enact change in her own sphere. Dexter, played by Leon Woodall, is handsome and affluent, dreaming of riches and fame. Despite their differences, they complement each other, a classic trope in romantic comedies.

One Day' Review: Netflix's New Series Will Make You Laugh, Cry

Before becoming a couple, Emma and Dex grow as individuals and develop a close friendship, inspiring each other along the way. The series shows them as real people, something the 2011 film with Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess didn't quite achieve.

The series is a confident adaptation, embracing the patience needed to develop its storyline. "One Day" captures the boundless joy, heartfelt emotions, and nostalgia of the book. Across its 14 episodes, it evokes sentimentality and delves into familiar romantic tropes, providing a realistic portrayal of what love looks like in practice.

One Day: The differences between the Netflix show and the book

In the series, the actors show a range of emotions, including messy and angry moments alongside loving ones. As Emma and Dexter age into their 30s, it may be harder to fully believe their progression, but it's not the actors' fault. They can't physically age one year with each episode. Despite efforts with hairstyles and makeup, their youthful appearance remains apparent in their eyes.

"One Day" is a tribute to the importance of friendship and those who make our lives meaningful. While it includes romantic moments, the series doesn't follow a fairy tale narrative. Instead, it portrays the reality of life with its magic and anxieties.

The entire series is available on Netflix now.