For over sixty years, Peter Parker has amazed fans as the Amazing Spider-Man and inspired onlookers and fellow heroes alike. While evident through the countless lives Peter has profoundly touched, it becomes even more apparent when considering other Spider characters in the Marvel Universe. However, the next-generation's greatest Spider-Man, Miles Morales, is realizing that his relationship with Peter doesn't have to be constant, and this could be a tough lesson for him.

Despite the ongoing Gang War in New York City, Miles Morales, the hero in Miles Morales: Spider-Man #13, takes time to discuss recent challenges with his therapist, Keisha Kwan. Amid the Gang War and constant threats from superpowered foes, Miles is most troubled by Peter Parker's nonchalant attitude toward disappearing and the impact of his absence on others. Miles struggles with the notion that Peter seems to have forgotten those who depend on him. To Kwan, it signifies that Miles no longer needs another Spider-Man to rely on.


Understanding the connection between Miles Morales and Peter Parker

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Miles Morales has always been a distinct Spider-Man, but the influence of Peter Parker's Spider-Man on his life and career is undeniable. Instead of the Spider-Man from the main Marvel Universe, it was the original Peter Parker from the Ultimate Marvel Universe who inspired Miles to take up the mantle. After gaining his powers from a genetically altered spider bite, Miles initially tried to ignore his abilities and let more capable heroes handle the heroics. However, witnessing the unmasking and brutal death of Spider-Man (Peter Parker) at the hands of the Green Goblin profoundly affected Miles. Overwhelmed by survivor's guilt, Miles committed himself to continuing and honoring the legacy that Peter had left behind.

In the years that followed, Miles not only became his reality's new Spider-Man but a true successor. Despite facing various villains, he overcame challenges and joined the Ultimates at Captain America's invitation. Throughout his journey, the pain of Peter's death lingered until Miles had the chance to fight alongside another Peter Parker for the first time.


Miles Morales' future remains incredible even without Spider-Man

Miles Morales: Spider-Man #300 Announced by Marvel

Although it may be difficult for Miles to accept that he no longer needs Peter in a mentor role, this shift is ultimately beneficial for both of them. For Miles, it presents a chance to learn from other heroes, explore his capabilities independently, and gain diverse perspectives. Meanwhile, for Peter, it's an opportunity to reflect on his tendency to distance himself from those close to him. His openness with Bailey Briggs, also known as Spider-Boy, stands out as a positive change. Bailey's situation is likely the main reason Miles hasn't seen much of Spider-Man lately, potentially rekindling a connection between the two Spider-Men.

Peter's casual attitude towards Miles doesn't fully excuse his absence, but the unique circumstances involving Bailey in the primary Marvel Universe demand more attention. While Miles is frustrated, he has proven capable of handling challenges independently, and other Marvel superheroes are always ready to assist when needed.