Insider Daniel Richtman suggests Sony aims to replicate No Way Home's success with a major multiverse journey in Spider-Man 4, including crossovers with Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield's Spider-Men. Yet, Kevin Feige and Tom Holland prefer a more grounded tone, reminiscent of the first two films in Holland's trilogy.

Spider-Man 4 rumored to have Kingpin as villain - Dexerto

Richtman notes that Kingpin is expected to appear in Spider-Man 4, but Vincent D'Onofrio has not entered talks to reprise the role. D'Onofrio recently mentioned that Marvel hasn't contacted him for Spider-Man 4 or an Avengers movie. He expressed openness to the idea, stating, "If the powers that be want that to happen, then it will happen...but who knows? You get these calls, and they're like, 'Oh, we're doing this now.' It's like that."


Spider-Man: No Way Home Ending

Spider-Man: No Way Home concluded with Doctor Strange erasing memories to safeguard the multiverse. With no support from individuals or Stark Industries, the Marvel Cinematic Universe's Peter Parker embraced a more comic book-like lifestyle – residing in a modest apartment and crafting his own accurate Spider-Man suit. The movie's ending hinted at a grounded Spider-Man 4 set in New York City, as Peter resumed his vigilantism as the friendly neighborhood Wall-Crawler.