Filipina actress Liza Soberano is set to join Hollywood's young A-listers in "Lisa Frankenstein," marking her highly anticipated Hollywood debut in February. The film also stars Kathryn Newton and Cole Sprouse. 

The film tells the story of Lisa, portrayed by Kathryn Newton, a misunderstood teenager, and her high school crush, portrayed by Cole Sprouse, who is a handsome corpse. Liza Soberano plays the role of Lisa's stepsister.

Liza Soberano teases new poster for 'Lisa Frankenstein'

During an interview with Mayhem Mendes on "Behind the Scenes," Newton shared her experience working with the "Dolce Amore" star, highlighting Soberano's ability to bring her character to life effectively.


I love Liza. She's just a gift to the world, this girl. She's the sweetest girl I've ever met in my whole life and there is nobody that could play this role except her because she's such a sweet human," Newton expressed.


Kathryn Newton highlighted Soberano's professionalism in portraying Taffy, which made working with her easy and memorable.


Taffy is really like a sideways human kind of sweet, kind of terrible you're not really sure but there's nothing about Liza that's not perfect and sweet so working with her has been a lesson 'cause she's so professional," Newton added.


Liza Soberano has recently shared the trailer for "Lisa Frankenstein," her first Hollywood movie.

In the trailer, after a quick introduction by the Filipina actress, the audience is introduced to her character, Taffy, alongside her stepsister Lisa Swallows (portrayed by Kathryn Newton), the film's main character. The scene showcases the two high school students chatting about boys, giving viewers a glimpse into their relationship.

"Lisa Frankenstein" will be in theaters on February 09, perfect for Valentine’s Day, promising the funniest, goriest undead horror romance of the year.