This week, journalist Jeremy Corbell released footage reportedly filmed by the U.S. military in 2018. According to Corbell, the object in the video has been officially labeled a UAP (unknown aerial phenomenon) by the Pentagon.

Currently, the Pentagon has not publicly commented or issued a formal statement regarding the released footage.

Described by Corbell as an "incursion," the footage depicts the object swiftly changing color from black to white as it moves over the military base, suggesting a rapid shift in temperature.

According to Corbell, the object, resembling a jellyfish with hanging tentacles, traversed a "sensitive military operation" before submerging in a nearby body of water for 17 minutes. He asserts that the object then resurfaced from the water and vanished at a high speed.

Screenshots of the supposed 'jellyfish UFO'

Screengrabs from Jeremy Corbell’s UFO video show the jellyfish-like object changing colour. Jeremy Corbell/X

However, many people watching the video have come up with all sorts of unusual ideas and comments. Some people also talked about their own experiences of seeing similar things over the years.