Following his role in the franchise sequel Expend4bles, Jason Statham is set to feature in David Ayer's forthcoming action film, The Beekeeper. Despite a filmography filled with roles involving the actor taking down antagonists, Statham has not ventured into a significant role in a superhero movie. According to Variety, Statham clarified his stance, indicating that he is more drawn to traditional action flicks and that this preference guides his choice not to pursue roles in superhero films.


"I'm not particularly keen on donning a costume with a cape and tights," remarked Statham. "I have a preference for old-school 80s movies, drawing inspiration from figures like [Sylvester] Stallone and Arnold [Schwarzenegger]. Even before them, Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and [Clint] Eastwood. I just can't envision any of those individuals putting on a cape, a mask, and doing wire work."


Statham clarified that this doesn't imply opposition to the superhero genre; rather, it doesn't resonate with his personal tastes. He added, "Cinema is akin to music. Some people enjoy Country and Western, others prefer heavy metal. I'm inclined towards a more grounded form of action... Well, I appreciate being grounded as an element we infuse into the surreal world we inhabit."