Last Thursday, Gunn engaged with fans on Threads, addressing questions about his future projects in the DC Extended Universe. He discussed gearing up for the filming of the 2025 release, "Superman: Legacy," set to commence in March. Additionally, he provided a glimpse into the progress of the much-anticipated Peacemaker Season 2, stating that more than half of the scripts for the upcoming season are already written.

Peacemaker Season 2 will be Gunn's next production after the upcoming version of Superman is finished, and he's making John Cena's superhero show a priority. Since his transition from the Marvel Cinematic Universe to the DCEU as co-CEO, James Gunn has been very busy. However, when asked about his upcoming projects, Gunn revealed that he is not working on anything else at the moment, replying that he's working on "just PM season 2 right now while I prep Legacy."

When Can We Anticipate The Arrival of Peacemaker Season 2?

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Peacemaker Season 1 belonged to the previous iteration of the DCEU, featuring cameos from Jason Momoa's Aquaman and Ezra Miller's The Flash. However, Season 2 is set to adopt a different approach, emphasizing the new direction the studio is heading. James Gunn has confirmed that Peacemaker Season 2 is part of DCU's Chapter One.

While James Gunn's dedication to Peacemaker Season 2 is promising, the premiere might be some time away. Season 1 debuted in January 2022, and with Gunn currently occupied with the Superman reboot scheduled for July 11, 2025, production for Peacemaker Season 2 may commence in mid-to-late 2025, possibly leading to a premiere in early 2026.