XP is crucial for character progression in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, and players can utilize it at any stage of the game. While some fans may be satisfied with XP earned through regular gameplay, others may prefer a more proactive approach to leveling up. This guide is designed for the latter group of players, providing details on an excellent XP farming method in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.

Fast XP Farm

To begin using this XP farm, players need to reach Chapter 4 in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League's main story. Specifically, they must unlock the Just Phase mission, which appears early in the chapter. Players who have already finished this mission can revisit it through Chapter Select in the Squad menu. It's recommended to choose the highest difficulty setting to maximize XP earnings.

Players should aim to reach the end of the mission, where they'll defend Lex Luthor's vehicle as a timer counts down. While some may be tempted to complete the Just Phase mission by entering the yellow circle that appears on the ground when the timer runs out, doing so triggers an endless assault on the vehicle. As long as players avoid stepping into the yellow circle, they'll face a continuous wave of enemies, offering a consistent source of XP when defeated.

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Once players have loaded into the mission, they cannot switch their characters. Therefore, those aiming to maximize multiple squad members' levels in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will need to play through the mission several times. While this may seem repetitive, the substantial XP earned at the end justifies the effort.

It's worth noting that this XP farm isn't limited to reaching Level 30 for squad members; it can also be utilized to accumulate Squad Skill points with max level characters. However, it's not highly recommended, as players will naturally earn passive XP while engaging in endgame activities to acquire gear that enhances their builds in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League.