Surviving in Palworld requires resilience, as constant danger lurks. While the initial hours may appear straightforward, more challenging trials await players. It's crucial to strengthen quickly to tackle the demanding obstacles and fully experience everything this survival title has to offer.

Attaining a higher level in Palworld unlocks numerous benefits, including the ability to control more powerful Pals, unlock additional recipes, and be better prepared for boss fights, enhancing overall progress. This guide provides essential knowledge for players aiming to level up quickly in Palworld.

Palworld guide, tips and tricks, and how to beat

Ways to Level Up Fast in Palworld

Palworld offers ample assistance as players embark on their journey. Following the tutorial is an excellent strategy for fast leveling at the outset. The tasks displayed in the upper right corner not only impart essential basics but also yield valuable XP upon completion, facilitating swift advancement in ranks.

Yet, as players become more adept at navigating the challenges of Palworld, relying solely on the tutorial becomes insufficient. Subsequently, there are more dependable methods to accumulate XP and achieve rapid leveling. These methods include:

  • Capturing new species of Pals.
  • Capturing 10 of the same Pals' species.
  • Completing Pal Box missions and upgrading base.
  • Exploring and fighting in dungeons.
  • Completing boss encounters.

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Given the pivotal role of Pals in the Palworld experience, engaging in Pal-related activities naturally yields substantial XP. Keep Pal Spheres ready to capture new Pals, ensuring extras in areas with high concentrations of the same Pal to reach the target of 10 for an additional XP bonus. Accumulating additional Pals can also serve as a lucrative avenue for earning Gold by selling them to Pal Merchants.

While at the base, explore the Pal Box for missions to enhance and upgrade the base, providing XP rewards and increased efficiency. Additionally, venture into the world and dungeons, staying vigilant for aggressive Pals in combat. Finally, after thorough preparation, conquering boss encounters yields substantial XP boosts.