Henry Cavill, known for his role in The Witcher, is teaming up with director Chad Stahelski, who worked on John Wick, to bring a fresh take on the 1986 cult classic Highlander to screens. Cavill recently shared an exciting update about his part in the Highlander reboot, directed by Stahelski, with development spanning since 2008.

While promoting his new film Argylle with co-star Sam Rockwell, Henry Cavill discussed the status of the Highlander reboot in an interview with Collider's Steve Weintraub. Cavill mentioned his upcoming sword training for the role and expressed his excitement about working on the film. He also hinted at keeping specific details under wraps to avoid revealing too much at this stage.


The training is about to begin in earnest. It'll be a very long training process, and I'm very excited to get into it. There's only so much I can tell you at the moment. I want to keep everything under wraps for as long as possible."


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Despite Henry Cavill's substantial swordplay experience from his three seasons on The Witcher, one might assume he wouldn't need as rigorous training for a film like Highlander. However, mastering swordsmanship is a continual challenge, regardless of prior experience, and requires dedicated preparation.


What Is the 'Highlander' About?

The Highlander centers on a group of immortal beings, known as Highlanders, under the leadership of Connor MacLeod (played by Christopher Lambert in the original series). MacLeod discovers his immortality after miraculously surviving a fatal wound sustained in a 16th-century battle. Throughout the series, he engages in combat with other immortals, absorbing their powers through a process called the Quickening upon defeating them. The overarching goal is to emerge as the last immortal standing, echoing the iconic line from Queen, "there can be only one."

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The Highlander reboot, long in the making, is targeting a 2026 release, with filming set to start soon. Director Stahelski aims for the film to kick off a new franchise, centered around Scottish warrior Connor MacLeod, who learns of his immortality after miraculously surviving a deadly battle wound.