The sequel to the successful apocalyptic film Greenland has received an exciting update, reportedly starting on April 22nd in London and Iceland.

In the sequel titled "Greenland: Migration," Gerard Butler reunites with director Ric Roman Waugh and writer Chris Sparling from the original "Greenland" movie. Moreover, fans can expect the return of Morena Baccarin, known for her role in "Deadpool," in the upcoming film.

In the first film, Gerard Butler played the character John Garrity, a structural engineer, alongside his wife Allison (portrayed by Baccarin) and their diabetic son Nathan (played by Roger Dale Floyd). Their mission was to escape Atlanta and seek safety as a comet, initially projected for a close pass by Earth, unexpectedly fragmented. The resulting entry of comet fragments into Earth's atmosphere led to widespread destruction and panic across the globe.

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In the sequel, the destruction caused by the comet "Clarke," the Garrity family is forced to abandon the safety of the Greenland bunker. They embark on a harrowing journey across the barren landscape of Europe, seeking a new home amidst the aftermath of devastation.

"Greenland" was well-received upon its 2020 release, earning positive reviews. The film received acclaim for its enthralling pace, deep emotional resonance, and the standout performances of its cast. Critics particularly praised the film for its commitment to exploring the human element and family dynamics amidst the disaster narrative. Unlike many other movies in the genre, which may prioritize visual effects over character development, "Greenland" stood out for its focus on authentic relationships and emotional depth, resonating strongly with audiences and critics alike.

The initial film also achieved a box office success, grossing over $50 million. However, plans for the sequel faced delays when STX, the production company, placed the film's rights under bankruptcy protection. The bankruptcy filing was initiated to prevent co-producers Anton from terminating STX's rights to the film and proceeding with the sequel solely as a producer.

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As of now, there is no specific release date announced for "Greenland: Migration." Meanwhile, audiences can enjoy streaming the original film, "Greenland," on Max.