In Shogun Episode 9, Mariko attempts ritual suicide but is interrupted by John Blackthorne, who is present to assist her. Ishido arrives and prevents her death, not wanting her to become a symbol of rebellion. However, unbeknownst to Mariko, Ishido has authorized shinobi to attack her residence that night. The episode reveals Yabushige's betrayal as he chooses to side against Toranaga.

In Shogun Episode 9, an intense action sequence unfolds as Mariko, Blackthorne, and their group attempt to escape and take refuge in a storage room. Blackthorne tries to secure the door against impending cannon fire from ninjas. Mariko insists on shielding the door herself, showcasing their romantic bond and the heightened tragedy and sympathy in their relationship arc.

In Shogun Episode 9, a devastating explosion occurs, sending Mariko flying and leaving her fate uncertain as the episode ends abruptly. The pain in Blackthorne's eyes and the expression on Mariko's face convey the tragedy of their star-crossed love story. The timing, coupled with political pressures, adds to the heartbreak of the situation. This sequence is one of the most heartbreaking moments in Shogun, as viewers had hoped for a different outcome for Blackthorne, Mariko, and Toranaga's allies.