Apple TV+ has given audiences a first look at Constellation with the release of its debut trailer. This upcoming eight-part psychological thriller series, centered around conspiracy, stars Noomi Rapace and Jonathan Banks. The show, created and written by Peter Harness of Wallander and The War of the Worlds fame, is set to make its debut on February 21.

In the series, Noomi Rapace takes on the role of Jo, an astronaut who comes back to Earth following a space disaster. Upon her return, she realizes that significant aspects of her life are mysteriously absent. This space adventure is filled with action and delves into the intricate corners of human psychology. It follows Jo's determined journey to unveil the truth about the concealed history of space travel and to reclaim everything she has lost.

The trailer unveils a tapestry of mysteries, including the presence of a mysterious piano, an unidentified voice captured on tape, and an array of unsettling hallucinations. These intriguing elements contribute to the suspenseful and captivating narrative, leaving audiences curious about the secrets that lie within the series.

New Series: “Constellation” is an Epic Sci-Fi Mystery - 3BA

The trailer sparks speculation about Constellation exploring a multiversal narrative, drawing from theories like the Mandela Effect and false memories. It drops hints of Noomi Rapace's character, Jo, being manipulated by an alien intelligence, while subtle clues suggest the intriguing possibility that Jo herself might be an alien intelligence. 

The eight-part series, Constellation, features a cast including James D’Arcy (Oppenheimer), Julian Looman (Emily in Paris), William Catlett (A Thousand and One), Barbara Sukowa (Voyager), and introduces Rosie and Davina Coleman as Alice. The project is produced by Turbine Studios and Haut et Court TV.

Constellation is set to premiere its first three episodes on February 21, exclusively on Apple TV+.