Prime Video has officially greenlit "The Terminal List" prequel series, named "The Terminal List: Dark Wolf," and it's progressing with Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch on board. The original series, debuting on Prime Video in July 2022, revolves around U.S. Navy SEAL James Reece (played by Pratt), embarking on a quest for truth and revenge after a mission takes a perilous turn, putting his family at risk. Despite varied critical reviews, "The Terminal List" secured a renewal for its second season, and news emerged about the development of the prequel series.

TVLine reported that Prime Video has given the green light to "The Terminal List: Dark Wolf," officially ordering it to series. Chris Pratt and Taylor Kitsch are confirmed to reprise their roles as Reece and Ben Edwards in the new series. The timeline of the prequel in relation to "The Terminal List" and its release date on Prime Video remain uncertain.


All Available Information on "The Terminal List: Dark Wolf" Up to Now

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When initial talks about "The Terminal List: Dark Wolf" surfaced, there were hints that Prime Video was considering transforming the original show into a broader franchise. The ample source material, drawn from Jack Carr's book series of the same name, consisting of six books and a seventh scheduled for release in May, provides potential for multiple seasons and spinoffs. However, it's now confirmed that the protagonist, Reece, will not take center stage in the prequel.

Contrary to expectations, "The Terminal List: Dark Wolf" will shift its focus to the original show's antagonist, Edwards. Initially introduced as Reece's best friend and a former Navy SEAL, Edwards takes a dark turn in the final twist of The Terminal List season 1. Reece discovers Edwards's involvement in the scheme that led to the demise of their platoon during a disastrous mission and resulted in the death of Reece's family. While the show aligns with the book in portraying Edwards as a villain, it diverges by allowing him to seek redemption for his actions.

"The Terminal List" successfully tweaked Edwards' character from the source material, making him a fan favorite. The prequel will explore Edwards' path to villainy, featuring Chris Pratt alongside Taylor Kitsch. Despite some details remaining undisclosed, the project holds promise with an official green light and a compelling storyline.