In the forthcoming third season of What If...?, fans can expect Captain Carter, portrayed by the adored Hayley Atwell, to step into the forefront, promising an exciting focus on her character's journey. Reportedly, as disclosed by Alex Perez of The Cosmic Circus, it is stated that the character is set to be part of Avengers: Secret Wars.

With Secret Wars expected to draw characters from across the MCU Multiverse for an epic battle, it's no surprise that Marvel Studios would want to include Captain Carter. She has emerged as one of the franchise's fan-favorite variants, making her a fitting addition to the film's lineup.

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Captain Carter, for those who are unfamiliar, is an alternate iteration of Peggy Carter within the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this alternate timeline, Peggy Carter undergoes the super soldier serum procedure instead of Steve Rogers, altering her destiny and resulting in her transformation into Captain Carter, a super-powered hero.

Hayley Atwell returns to the MCU as Captain Carter, reprising her role from previous projects. She prominently features in multiple episodes of the Disney+ animated series What If...? throughout its initial two seasons. Additionally, Atwell portrays a different variant of Captain Carter originating from Earth-838, who becomes a member of the Illuminati, in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022).

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Marvel Studios has been hinting at the forthcoming crossover event, notably in Multiverse of Madness, where the term "incursion" was mentioned, borrowed from the 2015 Secret Wars comic book event to signify impending collisions between two worlds. Other MCU projects such as No Way Home, The Marvels, and the Disney+ series Loki have also delved into the Multiverse concept. It's rumored that the upcoming film Deadpool & Wolverine will continue to lay the groundwork for Secret Wars.

Marvel's extensive multiverse storyline, promising thrilling crossovers and epic clashes, will welcome back Hayley Atwell's Captain Carter in What If...? Season 3, and there's speculation of her involvement in Avengers: Secret Wars as well.

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You can find Captain Carter's exploits in both What If...? and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, both of which are now available for streaming on Disney+.


Source: The Cosmic Circus