Benedict Cumberbatch, known for his diverse roles including Doctor Strange in the MCU and acclaimed performances in movies like The Imitation Game and The Power of the Dog, is now gearing up for his latest project in the Netflix series "Eric".

The series, which was first announced in January 2023, will feature Benedict Cumberbatch as puppeteer Vincent Sullivan.

Benedict Cumberbatch transforms for new Netflix series Eric


What is ‘Eric’ about?

Set in 1980s New York, "Eric" revolves around a father's quest to find his nine-year-old son after he mysteriously disappears one morning on his way to school. Vincent (portrayed by Cumberbatch), a prominent puppeteer in New York and the creator of the beloved children's television show "Good Day Sunshine," grapples with the anguish and instability brought on by the loss of his son Edgar (played by Howe).

Vincent, grappling with guilt over his missing son, becomes fixated on a blue monster puppet named Eric. He believes that featuring Eric on TV will lead to his son's return, causing his obsessive behavior to disrupt his family, colleagues, and the detectives assisting him. As Vincent's actions escalate, Eric becomes his only hope in finding his son. 

The limited series also features characters like Detective Michael Ledroit, Lennie Wilson, George Lovett, Anne Anderson, Matteo Cripp, Yuusuf Egbe, Cecile Rochelle, Raya, and Ronnie.

Eric was made and written by Abi Morgan and directed by Lucy Forbes. This upcoming limited series, will consist of six episodes, though the release date has not been announced yet.