The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a vast game with dangers at every corner. Going in without knowledge of the world can be intimidating.

Luckily, there are ways to ensure a great start to your adventure in Hyrule. Follow these simple tips for the best beginning.

Disable Motion Controls

How to disable motion controls - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom  | Shacknews

Disable motion controls on the Switch, as they might feel awkward and less intuitive, especially if you're used to traditional controls.

In the Pause Menu, navigate to Settings, find "Aim with Motion Controls" (fourth on the list), and switch it to Disabled. This way, you won't have to worry about affecting your shots.


Maximize The Use of Fusion

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom fusion system

The Fusion mechanic in Tears of the Kingdom is a standout feature, offering creative freedom. Utilizing it allows you to combine weapons with various objects in the world, resulting in impressive and unique creations.

Fusion not only increases your damage but also adds a lot more fun to the game. Don't hesitate to experiment with Fusion and discover what creations you can make. Your inventions might be the key to surviving critical moments in the game.


Make Sure To Cook Frequently

All Cooking Recipes in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom | Attack of the Fanboy

Don't just leave the ingredients you find around the map as they are. Instead of simply eating peppers from your inventory to restore health, take advantage of any fire and pot you come across. Cook the ingredients for better benefits.

Cooking not only clears space in your inventory but also provides meals with extra health and elemental benefits, like cold resistance. Keep these dishes handy for added safety.


Set Camera Sensitivity To High

How to change camera sensitivity in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the  Kingdom

This is based on personal preference, but the default camera speed is slow. Turning the camera in a different direction can feel sluggish, especially if it's a significant change. Consider adjusting it to your liking.

Navigate to Settings and set your Camera Sensitivity to High for easier and more responsive camera control. This adjustment will significantly benefit your exploration and navigation in the game.


Collect Every Loot As You Begin

Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom: Where To Get Bomb Flowers | Nintendo Life

In Tears of the Kingdom, there's an overwhelming amount of items and resources to loot. When starting out, it's crucial to pick up everything. This provides more weapons for fights and ingredients for survival meals. The game utilizes these items for various mechanics, so initially, gather everything you come across.


Always Have A Wooden Weapon And Shield With You

Wooden Sword (Zelda TP) over Wooden Stick [The Legend of Zelda: Tears of  the Kingdom] [Mods]

Beware that metal weapons attract lightning during storms, a common occurrence in your adventure. If your metal weapon and shield show an electric look, lightning is imminent, and you're at risk.

Instead of discarding your metal weapon and shield during a storm, carry wooden versions to use until the storm subsides.


Complete The Shrines

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - Ukouh Shrine - Deltia's Gaming

Shrines in the game are crucial for increasing your health and stamina—the only way to do so. Even if you're en route to something else, take a moment to complete a Shrine or remember to return later. Gathering Blessings of Light from Shrines and offering them to a Goddess Statue enhances your powers, making it worthwhile.


Make Sure To Visit The Stables

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Woodland Stable - Map location & where to find

The stables from Breath of the Wild make a return in this game and play a significant role in exploration. Firstly, visitors at the stables share valuable gossip, guiding you to quest locations. Secondly, each stable offers its own side quests, providing additional content. Lastly, you can manage and care for your horses at the stables. With numerous stables to discover, they all offer valuable experiences.


Attempt To Pass Through Obstacles When You Encounter Them

Tears of the Kingdom's Ascend Ability Has Ruined Other Games For Fans -  Gamepur

Tears of the Kingdom introduces a game-changing ability called Ascend. This allows you to pass through solid objects from below, letting you ascend onto a platform from underneath. It's a unique mechanic compared to previous entries, so it's crucial to understand and remember it early on.


Thoroughly Explore Lookout Landing

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Lookout Landing guide

Although Lookout Landing is the initial town in Hyrule, don't rush through it. You might overlook important features like an armorer, a Poe Trader, and numerous side quests. Take your time exploring, as there's more to discover than initially apparent, including a Stable that you can repair to access your horses.


Increase Your Health

Zelda Tears of the Kingdom': How to Upgrade Health and Stamina

Early in the game, you'll notice enemies hitting hard, often resulting in one-shot defeats even with the base hearts. Prioritize using Blessings of Light to boost your health more than stamina initially. Sacrificing extended climbing ability is worth it to avoid frequent defeats.


Uncover The Map At The Earliest Opportunity

All Skyview Tower locations to unlock Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom's map -  Polygon

Similar to the last game, the full map of Hyrule won't be accessible from the start. Head to the Skyview Towers scattered throughout the game to reveal additional sections of the map. Doing this early on will simplify your journey, as many NPCs reference specific locations and clues are easier to interpret when you can see the game's map.


Fuse Your Zonai Items

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom - All Zonai Devices and how to use Device  Dispensers | VG247

A common gaming dilemma is holding onto powerful items for the perfect moment, which may never come. In the game, Zonai items boost weapon damage when fused. However, it's advised not to hoard them; instead, use them as you acquire them. The game provides plenty, so there's no need to restrict yourself, allowing you to benefit more freely.


Explore The Beautiful Sky

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While exploring the land of Hyrule on the ground is natural, this game introduces Sky Islands hovering above. Utilize Skyview Towers to launch yourself up and reach these floating islands. They feature puzzles, Shrines, bosses, and more for you to explore, providing ample opportunities to fully appreciate the game's offerings.


Explore Into The Depths

A Mystery in the Depths - The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Guide -  IGN

Beyond the sky, there are the Depths beneath the kingdom, accessible early on after Lookout Landing. Despite sounding intimidating, exploring the Depths is essential. Uncover fascinating environments, lore, and quests, unlocking abilities that can significantly ease your gameplay.