A brawl among teenagers at a Miami mall sparked rumors of giant shadowy aliens.

Police quickly arrived to control the situation, but social media buzzed with claims that they weren't there for the teens but for "eight-10ft tall shadow aliens."Officials clarified that officers were present to manage a group of approximately 50 teenagers at Bayside Marketplace Mall in the city.

And according to an amateur video posted online, there are moments when a big "creature" could be seen in plain sight standing in front of the entrance to the shopping mall, causing many online conspiracists to post their takes on exactly what happened. A TikTok user called @auntie_coolette went viral, citing "multiple witnesses" who claimed to have seen "creatures who stood 8-10 feet tall walking outside and inside the mall". And another user, @sosa.pippen, in a now-deleted video, said he heard gunshots and then saw a "big ass shadow" but that was also solid, "disappearing and reappearing" while getting closer. And there were plenty memes to go round too, with one X user posting: "I don't know if the rumours about the aliens at the Miami Mall are real but I do know I never seen this many police in one place," while another said: "Everybody have cell phones, but nobody have an up close video of the 8-10 foot alien by the Miami mall?"