On December 12, Pokémon Co., Ltd. and Yomiuri Co., Ltd. jointly announced the upcoming establishment of PokéPark Kanto, situated in the nature-rich Tama region of Yomiuri Land. Emphasizing the historical significance of the Kanto region within the Pokémon franchise, particularly as the setting for the first Pokémon Red and Green games, the statement expresses the intention to create a space where Pokémon enthusiasts from around the globe can converge amidst the region's natural beauty. The aim is to provide an opportunity for fans to immerse themselves in the Pokémon experience and enjoy shared moments, transcending national, regional, and language barriers. While no specific opening date for PokéPark Kanto has been confirmed, enthusiasts are encouraged to anticipate further updates.


The Pokémon franchise consistently strives to offer fans immersive experiences across various mediums. From the enduring appeal of the anime to the continuous release of Pokémon DLC and games, the franchise extends its reach even into the realm of live-action drama, exemplified by the Pokémon: Fill Your Pockets With Adventure trailer unveiled in October. The anime series has undergone a refreshing reboot with Pokémon Horizons: The Series, departing from the traditional Ash storyline. Additionally, Pokémon Concierge ventures into new avenues, exploring anime through innovative mediums.


The implications of PokéPark Kanto for the speculated collaboration with Universal Studios Japan remain uncertain. Nonetheless, enthusiasts on social media are optimistic that the introduction of PokéPark Kanto suggests the potential for additional locations in the near future. Notably, two prior PokéParks, sharing similar names, were inaugurated in 2005 and 2006 in Japan and Taiwan, respectively. Unfortunately, both parks closed within a year of operation. The longevity of these new PokéParks is currently undetermined.

Source: Pokémon Company and Yomiuri Company