Henry Cavill's upcoming spy movie, "Argylle," is set to replicate a distinctive James Bond tradition. Known for his innovative approach to the spy genre with films like "Kingsman: The Secret Service" and its sequels, director Matthew Vaughn aims to bring a fresh perspective to the genre once again with "Argylle." Starring Henry Cavill as the titular character, the film is described as a comedy and marks Cavill's involvement in the world of espionage, showcasing Vaughn's penchant for redefining the spy movie experience.

As the release date for "Argylle" approaches, director Matthew Vaughn has been sharing intriguing details about the film. One notable revelation is that the movie will pay homage to a James Bond tradition by incorporating its own ballad performed by a renowned singer. According to Deadline, Ariana DeBose, an actor in "Argylle," will lend her vocals to the song titled "Get Up and Start Again." This ballad, co-written by Vaughn along with Lorna Balfe, Gary Barlow, and Giles Martin, adds a musical dimension to the spy film. Vaughn expresses admiration for DeBose, referring to her as his "muse," and expresses a desire to collaborate with her again in the future.


O diretor da Argylle diz que James Bond foi uma das inspirações para o  personagem de Henry Cavill

Matthew Vaughn, known for his affinity for spy movie tropes as seen in the Kingsman universe, is taking a different approach with "Argylle." In this new movie, Vaughn is deliberately aiming to subvert and dismantle some of the familiar James Bond clichés that have become well-worn in the genre. The film is set to challenge and deconstruct certain tropes, offering a fresh and innovative perspective on the traditional elements associated with spy movies, including those often attributed to the James Bond franchise.

Considering the spoofy and trope-defying nature of "Argylle," and Matthew Vaughn's expressed intention to dismantle Bond clichés, it's reasonable to speculate that Ariana DeBose's ballad in the film might adopt a somewhat cheeky and playful approach reminiscent of iconic Bond themes like Adele's "Skyfall" and Shirley Bassey's "Goldfinger." The inclusion of Henry Cavill, who once aspired to play 007, sporting a distinctive haircut further suggests that Vaughn is aiming for a tone that combines humor and self-awareness in this latest venture into the spy movie genre.