The eagerly awaited Dragon Ball Daima now has a new summary revealed before Dragon Ball's upcoming Battle Hour 2024 event. The event will include a special behind-the-scenes panel for the upcoming anime series.

The schedule for the upcoming Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour 2024 has revealed a fresh synopsis for the upcoming Dragon Ball Daima anime. The synopsis states, "DRAGON BALL DAIMA is a new anime where Akira Toriyama has directly contributed to crafting its entirely new story, covering the plot and character designs. Additionally, it is being launched in celebration of the 40th anniversary of the original DRAGON BALL series, elevating fans' expectations to new heights."

Dragon Ball DAIMA is the Adventure We've Been Waiting 36 Years For - The  Illuminerdi

In the booming anime industry, fans are thrilled by Toriyama's direct involvement in Dragon Ball Daima. Notably, other Shonen Jump hits like Bleach and One Piece have seen success with close creator supervision. Eiichiro Oda oversaw One Piece's live-action by Netflix, and Tite Kubo helped storyboard Bleach's upcoming TYBW Season 3. Toriyama's return to Dragon Ball films, from Battle of Gods to Dragon Ball Super: Broly, aligns with the franchise's box office success.