Footage from CinemaCon featuring Deadpool and Wolverine has sparked speculation about the movie's placement in the MCU timeline. With the release date approaching in July 2024, Marvel has begun sharing promotional material, including Wolverine's comic-accurate attire. At CinemaCon, nine minutes of the film were screened, offering glimpses of Wade Wilson's multiversal mission alongside the TVA, though specific plot details remain under wraps.

The CinemaCon footage for Deadpool & Wolverine opens with Wade Wilson longing for his superhero past while working as a car salesman. On his birthday, TVA agents apprehend him and take him to their headquarters. Agent Paradox informs Deadpool about the TVA's mission to safeguard the Sacred Timeline, aligning with Loki's narrative. However, the mention of the Sacred Timeline might suggest a hidden meaning or implication.


Deadpool 3 Is Set Before Loki

Loki and Sylvie in the MCU Multiverse and the Sacred Timeline

In the finale of Loki season 2, Loki reshapes the Sacred Timeline into a tree-like structure called Yggdrasil to save it. If Paradox refers to the new arrangement, he should use terms like "the Tree" or "Yggdrasil" instead of the original "Sacred Timeline." This suggests that the TVA's timeline no longer requires protection following Loki's actions.

Paradox referring to the original Sacred Timeline could imply that he wants Deadpool to prevent Loki's rearrangement of timelines. In Loki season 2, it's revealed that not all TVA members agree with how the multiverse is managed, and time doesn't follow a linear path outside the Sacred Timeline, especially with Loki's Time-Slipping abilities. Paradox might oppose Loki's intervention and seek Deadpool's help to stop him from further altering time and space.

It's more probable that Deadpool & Wolverine will directly follow up on Loki season 2, especially considering the potential ongoing need to monitor Loki's multiversal Yggdrasil. Additionally, with Cassandra Nova as the main antagonist, the focus may stay within that storyline. However, Paradox's orders to Deadpool could inadvertently cause further chaos within the TVA and across timelines, potentially leading to the involvement of characters from various dimensions. Future trailers for Deadpool & Wolverine will likely shed light on any connections to Loki's actions and Deadpool's multiversal mission.